The last 40 years may have set Substrata up as a pioneer in road construction and environmental maintenance, but we’re also visionaries on the lookout for new ways to innovate, grow and enhance our industry.

Substrata accomplishes this by staying on top of emerging trends in the agricultural industry, proactively gaining every accreditation and certification we can to help us provide better service to customers.

We are committed to providing pertinent and active engineering documentation on each of our products. This is a crucial part in helping customers understand the uses for products and how to leverage the full benefits of the Substrata product line–and it’s one that we take seriously.

Because of this commitment, we are expanding our brand identity to create a transparent company built on trust, collaboration and exceptional customer service.

The founder’s vision is not lost–we’re building on it to meet these goals and continue to push the boundaries of agricultural maintenance. As we move forward, Substrata will continue to make this company synonymous with the exceptional products and services that got us where we are today.


Substrata has been solving the biggest challenges in soil stabilization, cleaning and odor control, and petroleum-based bioremediation for over 40 years. Originally branded as International Enzymes, the company’s enzymatic solutions have become the gold standard for commercial soil products, and today they’re trusted by governments and companies worldwide.

Founded by inventor John Battistoni, the company quickly became a market leader with its 100% organic, non-toxic formulations perfect for solidifying and remediating soil, deodorizing, and degreasing—all without any destructive environmental impact. Revolutionary at its inception, this approach has since become a pivotal concept in agricultural maintenance.

Today, the company’s family of enzyme-based soil treatment has expanded into four flagship products: Perma-Zyme, Petra-Zyme, Bacto-Zyme, and Harva-Zyme. While International Enzymes has since evolved into Substrata, John’s original patented formulations remain as consistent and effective as they were 40 years ago.

John’s vision to create a line of products that could treat and remediate soil in an environmentally-conscious manner is alive and well—and with it, a series of environmental maintenance products that can’t be found anywhere else in the market.

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