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The original Perma-Zyme is a unique enzyme-based soil stabilizer. Perma-Zyme uses Substrata’s unique permantation™ process to harden dirt roads, strengthen roadway foundations, and waterlining while reducing construction costs.


The original Perma-Zyme is a soil stabilizer that produces bonded, high-density dirt road surfaces with lifespans exceeding 12 years. And because Perma-Zyme uses native soils, it reduces the need to import material and reduces project costs to a fraction of that associated with conventional road construction when used as the foundation in chip seal or asphalt-based roads.

Perma-Zyme is a user- and environmentally-friendly compound that requires no special tools to apply. Perma-Zyme’s unique permantation™ process occurs on its own—all you need is a blade, mixer/reclaimer, water truck, and roller. And, because native soil can be used, there’s no need to import additional material.


Perma-Zyme is an enzyme based soil stabilizer designed to harden soil particles into cement-like material while improving dust control. When mixed with water and applied during compaction, Perma-Zyme acts upon the soil’s organic fines and produces a strong cementation effect to produce a durable, water-resistant mix that can be used as a sub-base or primary surface.


Perma-Zyme a natural soil stabilizer, it manufactured with organic compounds that treat and solidify soil in an environmentally-conscious manner. It’s completely non-toxic, organic, 100% natural, and roads last longer than when using traditional materials. Perma-Zyme will aide in dust control when used on dirt roads thus decreasing the dust in the environment. 


Use Recommendations

Road Construction

Dilution || 1 pound per 18 cubic yards
Soil Requirements || 15-20% cohesive fines
Operating Temperature || 50° F to 115° F
Set Time || 4 Hours
Curing Time || 72 hours

Pond Construction

Dilution || 1 pound per 20 cubic yards
Soil Requirements || 30% cohesive fines
Operating Temperature || 50° F to 115° F
Set Time || 4 Hours
Curing Time || 72 hours

Existing Pond Repair

Dilution || 1 gallon per 6,000 square feet
Soil Requirements || 30% cohesive fines
Operating Temperature || 50° F to 115° F
Set Time || N/A
Curing Time || 10-14 days

10 Easy Steps To Build A Road With Perma-Zyme

How many pails of Perma-zyme do you need?

in feet
(in miles)


How is Perma-Zyme sold?

Perma-Zyme is sold in liquid form by weight. Perma-Zyme comes in a 5 gallon pail with a convenient spout for easy use when transferring to water trucks. One gallon of Perma-Zyme weighs 8.7 pounds, a 5 gallon pail weighs 43.5 pounds.

How much Perma-Zyme is needed?

While the amount of water needed will vary from application to application depending on the soil and optimum moisture, the amount of Perma-Zyme will never change. One pound of Perma-Zyme will treat 18 cubic yards of soil.

For example, if the road constructed is a two lane (25 feet wide) 1 mile long (5,280 feet) road and will be 6 inches deep the application will require approximately 2,440 cubic yards of soil and 122 pounds of Perma-Zyme.

Click here to use our handy Perma-Zyme calculator.

What kind of soils will Perma-Zyme work with?

Perma-Zyme’s best feature is that it is extremely versatile and works with a wide range of soils. When using Perma-Zyme the soil should be comprised of 15-20% cohesive fines. It is important to have a wide variety of material sizes in the soil to increase shear strength and internal friction which increases the load bearing capacity of the soil.

Perma-Zyme is used mostly in applications in which the soil is comprised of 15-20% cohesive fines but has been used in applications outside of the targeted range and performed well. Upon beginning any application of Perma-Zyme it is recommended that test is performed to ensure Perma-Zyme will yield the proper results.

Will Perma-Zyme work with asphalt and/or chip seal construction?

Yes, Perma-Zyme is the perfect foundation for an asphalt or chip seal construction road. When using Perma-Zyme with a chip seal application, apply Perma-Zyme as detailed in the normal instructions and allow 72 hours to fully cure. Prior to the chip seal application spray a small amount of Perma-Zyme diluted with water (approximately 1000:1) to allow the chip seal application to bond to the base layer.

What is the normal process for applying Perma-Zyme?

A typical application for Perma-Zyme consists of 5 steps:

  1. Grind or shred current road and soil until thoroughly mixed and a sieve test produces 15-20% cohesive fines.
  2. Spray Perma-Zyme and water on soil until optimum moisture is achieved. Mix soil consistently by grading the soil from side to side at different depths.
  3. Grade the soil to the desired road dimensions and path
  4. Using a compactor, compact the soil in 3-6” lifts depending on soil and application until desired density is achieved.
  5. Allow 72 hours for Perma-Zyme to fully cure.
What kind of equipment is necessary for Perma-Zyme application?

Having the proper tools for the job is extremely important to ensure your Perma-Zyme application will succeed. Substrata recommends the following equipment:

  • Water tuck
  • Motor Grader (Caterpillar 140H or equivalent)
  • Padfoot (Sheepsfoot) Compactor (NOTE: Not required but very beneficial to have)
  • Drum Compactor
How long does Perma-Zyme last?

The life span of a Perma-Zyme road depends on many factors including traffic, weather, water drainage, and paved vs. unpaved. Roads with a dirt surface typically see a lifespan of 8-12 years while paved roads see a lifespan in excess of 20 years.

Are Perma-Zyme roads able to be repaired?

Yes, for dirt road construction Perma-Zyme diluted in water can be sprayed on the soil to deactivate the soil’s cementation and allow the soil to be moved and manipulated. After achieving the desired shape and form of soil allow 72 hours for the soil to fully cure.

When chip seal has been used, traditional chip seal repair procedures can be used.

What makes Perma-Zyme different from traditional road construction applications?

Perma-Zyme’s most unique aspect is that it allows the native soil to be used and does not require transportation of any soil or rock for the base layer of the road construction. Because Perma-Zyme can use the native soil the construction costs will be greatly decreased and will save time on the construction phase. Because of Perma-Zyme’s unique cementation effect it produces a strong and robust base layer that will lead to a long-lasting road.



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