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Petra-Zyme is a highly concentrated enzyme designed as a solvent for cleaning and degreasing surfaces, including those contaminated by petroleum-based products.


Contamination of petroleum-based compounds is a persistent problem for soil projects. Petra-Zyme solves this through a proprietary enzyme formula that stimulates natural bacteria to cleanse contaminated soil and water.


Petra-Zyme is produced in a rigorously-controlled fermentation of a proprietary mix of complex sugars and protein. This creates a complex of simple sugars, amino acids, extracellular enzymes, and bioemulsifiers ideal for mobilizing contaminants.


Due to the advanced cleansing capabilities of the Petra-Zyme compound, quality control is a top priority. Our quality assessments include regular monitoring of chemical ingredients as determined by our established quality control procedures, designed to maintain chemical accuracy at every step of production.


Petra-Zyme acts as a surfactant to help break up organic mass by neutralizing electrostatic charges. Combined with added natural biosurfactants and bioemulsifiers during fermentation, Petra-Zyme is the perfect solution for petroleum degreasing and soil remediation.


Soil remediation

For applications with Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) levels equal to or less than 10,000 TPH use .25 gallon of Petra-Zyme per 4 gallons of water. Apply the diluted Petra-Zyme to the soil weekly for 5 weeks.

For applications that have higher Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon levels use additional weeks to remediate soil.

For applications that are contaminated with Diesel add 3-4 weeks to the remediation schedule.

Soils that are contaminated with crude oil require a dilution rate of .75 gallons Petra-Zyme to 4 gallons of water.

Surface Water Remediation

Apply 8 gallons of Petra-Zyme per surface acre of water. Allow 3-4 weeks for full remediation.


What types of enzymes are in Petra-Zyme?

Petra-Zyme consists of multiple enzymes produced by controlled fermentation of a proprietary mix of complex sugars and protein. This produces a compound of simple sugars, amino acids, extracellular enzymes, and bio-emulsifiers.

Will Petra-Zyme work if the contaminated soil is sterile?

If the contaminated soil is sterile we recommend the mixing of local soils and resident bacteria into the sterile soil prior to the treatment with Petra-Zyme. Under these conditions, additional applications of Petra-Zyme may be required to raise the level of indigenous bacteria to the range where bioremediation is prompt and effective.

How does Petra-Zyme affect soil oxygen content?

Petra-Zyme contains a proprietary ingredient that adds significant oxygenation to the treated soils. This type of oxygenation specifically enhances the hydrocarbon-decomposing bacteria.

Is Petra-Zyme biodegradable?

Petra-Zyme is readily decomposed by naturally occurring microorganisms. The natural enzymes contained in Petra-Zyme actually act as a catalyst to accelerate the natural biodegradation of the product.

What is the shelf life of Petra-Zyme?

Stored under normal conditions, Petra-Zyme has a shelf life of up to five years. Petra-Zyme can tolerate freezing and still maintain its effectiveness, however, users should not expose the product to temperatures above 120F for extended periods of time.

Are there safe handling procedures for Petra-Zyme?

No special precautions are required for storage or transport of Petra-Zyme, and it presents no health hazards to the user other than mild eye irritancy. Petra-Zyme is non-flammable, stable, and will not react with water or oxidizers.



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