Enzyme  Products for Road Construction, Soil Maintenance, and Surface Cleaning

Substrata’s unique family of all-natural enzyme solutions are industry-leading options in road construction, soil remediation, and enzymatic cleaning. Each product contains a proprietary formulation of enzymes and ingredients that catalyze chemical reactions on applied surfaces to produce powerful results for agricultural health.

Perma-Zyme Logo

The original Perma-Zyme is a unique enzymatic compound designed for soil stabilization, roadway construction, and water lining applications. The secret formula uses catalytic bonding to stabilize clay particles and produce high-density dirt road surfaces or a strong foundation for traditional road construction at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction materials.


Bacto-Zyme is a multi-faceted enzyme solvent that supports deep microbial cleaning on all surfaces. Its high pH makes it an effective tool for micro-organism control, odor abatement, and degreasing, including metallic surfaces that harbor fatty solids, such as garbage disposals, drains, and septic tanks.

Harva-Zyme Logo

Harva-Zyme is an enzyme catalyst designed to improve soil oxygenation, aeration, and water retention. By stimulating the growth of natural micro-organisms, the formulation supports soil health, aids in mineral absorption, and creates a stronger, healthier root system in all crops thus yielding larger crops while requiring less water.

Petra-Zyme Logo

Petra-Zyme is a concentrated, enzyme-based solvent that’s perfect for cleaning oil and grease spills of all sizes. Its all-natural formulation is ideal for remediation of soils and water that have been contaminated by petroleum-based products.

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