Natural Enzyme Compounds, Superior Results

For over 40 years, Substrata has provided natural enzyme compounds ideal for soil stabilization, soil conditioning, petroleum bioremediation, cleaning, and odor control. Learn more about how our non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, biodegradable family of products can push your next project to the next level.


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The original Perma-Zyme is a unique enzymatic compound designed for soil stabilization, roadway construction, and water lining applications. The patented formula uses catalytic bonding to stabilize clay particles and produce high-density dirt road surfaces or a strong foundation for traditional road construction at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction materials.


Bacto-Zyme is a multi-faceted enzyme solvent that supports deep microbial cleaning on all surfaces. Its high pH makes it an effective tool for micro-organism control, odor abatement, and degreasing, including metallic surfaces that harbor fatty solids, such as garbage disposals, drains, and septic tanks.

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Harva-Zyme is an enzyme catalyst designed to improve soil oxygenation, aeration, and water retention. By stimulating the growth of natural micro-organisms, the formulation supports soil health, aids in mineral absorption, and creates a stronger, healthier root system in all crops thus yielding larger crops while requiring less water.

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Petra-Zyme is a concentrated, enzyme-based solvent that’s perfect for cleaning oil and grease spills of all sizes. Its all-natural formulation is ideal for remediation of soils and water that have been contaminated by petroleum-based products.



The last 40 years may have set Substrata up as a pioneer in road construction and environmental maintenance, but we’re also visionaries on the lookout for new ways to innovate, grow and enhance our industry. Substrata accomplishes this by staying on top of emerging trends in the agricultural industry, proactively gaining every accreditation and certification we can to help us provide better service to customers. Read More

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